Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee is a 5-time Emmy Award winning journalist, best-selling author of "Mascara Boy" and now the owner of an art healing studio called Art Of Our Soul in Phoenix, Arizona. Brandon left his journalism career to open the studio and help trauma survivors, like himself, heal through art. Brandon was bullied as a young boy, mostly for his appearance. He began acting out because he was sad, angry, and frustrated. Eventually, unhealed trauma led Brandon down a dark path. But, a special person in Brandon's life suggested that he try creating art as a way to heal. It worked. And, it continues to help him heal as an adult. Now, Brandon speaks around the country as a mental health advocate educating families about the role art plays as a proven modality to help people heal from trauma. 

Jordana Houchins

Writer, producer, storyteller. Jordana is an Emmy award winning journalist herself. Working on national and local marketing campaigns while living in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas and Seattle among other cities. After winning a Washington State student writing award, Jordana began creating children’s stories for friends as her own creative outlet. Other passions include dancing, fitness, family, friends, fur-kids and kindness. Always a California girl, she now calls Arizona’s stunning Sonoran Desert home.